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Why Blogging Has Taken A Backseat (for now)…

December 10, 2010

You might be wondering why I suddenly stopped posting meals in October. You might not.

Because my blog automatically feeds to Facebook many of you already know the story of why blogging has taken a backseat.

In short: we have had a very tough, busy, hectic, scary couple of months.

At the end of October, Bobby interviewed for a teaching position in Three Forks, MT teaching Business and Technology 7-12th grade. Less than an hour after the interview he got a call with a job offer. As he put it – we were more scared about getting the job than not getting the job.

Get the job: Move our whole life and quit my job at Montana Youth Challenge.

Not get the job: Stay comfortably in Dillon and Bobby would go work full time for the newspaper.

So we took a leap of faith the first week of November and took the dream job. After that life is a blurr.

We have made one mad dash home for Thanksgiving with a stop in Three Forks.

We have found one awesome home for rent right up the street from our good friends the Hale/Butlers.

And finally for the grand finale of our stressful month: we found out that black cows on the highway at night are not easy to avoid. 😦 We are still dealing with the insurance mess and trying to educate ourselves on Montana’s Open Range law.

The postive spin on this is that we are going to be okay, the car had full coverage insurance including medical, and we will hopefully be out of debt to Wells Fargo at the end of the month.

578 Colter Trail

And we found a house in Three Forks – for rent – and it will be the first time in 10 years that I haven’t had roommates (other than a husband and our dogs and cat). YAY!

3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom
bonus room
2 car garage
deck and balcony


I can’t wait to have my own home, my own kitchen, my own GARAGE! 🙂

So, stay tuned, more from the Kitchen Coop from its new location in Three Forks.

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