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First: About the Coop

October 1, 2010

My name is Janna Lauver and I am the keeper of the coop. In September 2009 my fiancé and I moved into a new house, in a new town, to start our new life. After our wedding we began to experiment cooking and baking in the kitchen as newlyweds. Since then there have been explosions, meltdowns, and heated conversations… and we’re just talking about our work in the kitchen!

This blog kicks off almost one year after the start of that adventure and after posting our meals and misadventures on Facebook for our friends and family – we’ve decided (okay I decided) to move our foodie stories to a blog format.

I hope you enjoy our food as much as we enjoyed cooking it!

PS: If you are wondering “What’s with the Chicken reference?” it’s a pretty simple story. We really want to become a self sustaining household (i.e. chickens, garden, herbs and grains) where we can limit the amount of groceries we by on a regular basis and the amount processed foods we intake. So we are hoping to launch our own “chicken coop” next spring and raise chickens (mmm… free range chicken). We figure collecting eggs alone will save us money!

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